Welding Table Project.

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This is my first welding project. As a kid I grew up learning how to work on cars mainly because of friends. My best friend's father used to build street rods, so I had the opportunity to learn not just car design but using the tools of the trade. I learned how to cut metal with an acetylene torch before I was in high school. I tried a little stick welding, but never completed any projects; mostly just practice.

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When I decided to restore my truck I knew I'd have to buy a welding rig. MIG seemed the logical choice, so I bought the best (Miller). I was living in a small apartment at the time and had no space for a serious workbench, so I built a welding table. It was best decision ever. Not only could I conveniently weld small objects together, but also I could cut metal with my torch on the same table. I also setup the table portion to handle a vise and a small drill press.

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The design for this table comes from "Welder's Handbook" by Richard Finch. I made some small modifications to suit my needs. The torch cutting side of the table has aluminum to contain the slag. I also included a space for a fire bottle, which I fortunately never had to use.

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